Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Carole Lombard

Date of Birth
6 October 1908, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA 
Date of Death
16 January 1942, Table Rock Mountain, Nevada, USA (airplane crash) 
Birth Name
Jane Alice Peters 
The Profane Angel 
The Hoosier Tornado 
Ma (by Clark Gable)
5.2 or 5.3
Clark Gable (29 March 1939 - 16 January 1942) (her death)
William Powell (26 June 1931 - 16 August 1933) (divorced)
A 1926 auto accident badly cut her face. Advanced plastic surgery and adroit use of make-up covered the scars. However, at the time the belief was that use of anesthetic during the operation would leave worse scars, so she endured the reconstructive surgery without an anesthetic.
A natural tomboy with athletic prowess and spirit far exceeding her size (she was a petite child who stood 5' 2", with shoes) the future screen star frequently joined her brothers in roughhousing.
Was called the "Queen of Screwball Comedy".
Considered by many to be the prototype for the icy blondes in Alfred Hitchcock's films.

Carol Lynley (born as Carole Jones a month after the actress' death) was named after Lombard.
She was of English and German heritage.
Carole Lombard had a little dachshund named Commissioner that ignored Clark Gable completely. After her death in 1942, the dog would not leave Gable's side.
Just before her relationship with Clark Gable began in earnest, Carole read and loved the book "Gone With the Wind". Excited, she sent a copy of the book to Gable, with a note attached reading "Let's do it!". Gable wrongly assumed she was making a sexual advance to him, and called Carole to organize a date. When he found out Carole wanted to make a film of the book with him as Rhett Butler and herself as Scarlett, he refused, and kept the copy of the book she had given him thereafter in his toilet.

According to Garson Kanin, she never had a dressing room when shooting a movie. Instead, she preferred to socialize with the cast and crew members during her breaks.

Carole Lombard raised over $2 million in war-bonds in one day.